Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sublime Look for Less: Alice + Olivia Ballerina Bodysuit

Alice and Olivia's silk Ballerina Bodysuit retails for $187.   I can certainly visualize Michelle Pfeiffer's character in Scarface strutting her stuff around Miami (and powdering her nose) in this getup.

Love the bygone sexpot look, but not the price? Caribbean Queen, a juniors' brand, makes a lower priced version of Alice + Olivia's sexy suit.  You can get it here in blue for $32.  Additionally, sells this in mustard for $19 (on sale!!).

Granted, the fabric isn't silk and the color range is not the same.  But seriously, ask yourself: how many times are you going to wear this top?  I'm guessing once? Twice at most?  I'd rather free up some of my clothing budget for a new BBag and go the cheapo route when it comes to trendy items, but I know that we all have different priorities.  What do you think, readers? 

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