Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sublime Look for Less: Leann Rimes Purple Suede Lanvin Miss Sartorial Tote

Normally I don't fuss over Leann Rimes' clothing, but I must make a one time exception for this glorious purple suede tote bag!  A little bit of research revealed this bag to be the Miss Sartorial Suede Tote by Lanvin. 
Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as far as my wallet is concerned), this tote which originally retailed at $1390 is completely sold out.  I found a similar bag that's 100% leather and only $95.  Check it out here!  Purple not your thing?  It also comes in many other yummy colors.  And you can also get 15% off your order by using coupon code BTR1 until September 3rd.

Desiring something a bit more luxe?  Lanvin makes a similar aubergine tote here, and Balenciaga has a scrumptious purple fall velo tote.

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